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The NEU NOW artists - on the threshold of their professional careers

18 November 2011

The festival is hosting a symposium on entrepreneurship today, which all the artists are welcome to attend. Young entrepreneurs in the arts have come from all over Europe to discuss  their approach at entering the professional art world. 

Being an artist means being able to reinvent yourself continuously. The artists of NEU NOW are all fresh off the school benches and realize that their professional artistic identity is under constant development. When being questioned regarding their studies and the challenges they have experienced thus far in starting up their career, the experiences varied among nationalities and art schools. Daniel Djamo, director of the film MENU (on show at Kinomaja), said: “I feel prepared to leave school, but I don’t want to. I still have so much to learn. Saying goodbye to my university will be tough”.

 There is a real feeling of community amongst the artists at NEU NOW. They are looking at each other’s exhibitions, attending each other's performances, watching each other’s films. While enjoying the process very much, they are also critical and analytical about the other artists' works, are sharing thoughts and ideas and harbouring an atmosphere of perpetual learning  from their context and from their peers.

Though being an artist brings challenges, and their position in society is under constant scrutiny, festivals like NEU NOW remain a strong beacon of artistic presence in Europe and in representing young artists.  It's great to see artists at the start of their development into professionals. Their energy and determination is contagious.

Peter Meelker

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