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The beauty of MENU

20 November 2011

MENU - a film about more than just food, a film full of life. 

The film by Daniel Djamo, is very much a homage to a loved one, touching in its simplicity and honesty. Despite old age and disease taking their toll on her body, the thin old woman with white hair that has raised Daniel has lost neither her sense of humor, nor her appetite for the truly enjoyable things in life, such as food. 

The filmic image is composed of several smaller rectangles of moving image, different angles of her room interacting in a strange collage. Several details of roughly the same moment in time capture one's attention simultaneously, from the slippers neatly placed next to her bed to the movement of her hands and body, her tender gaze and Daniel's gaze, the old wallpaper-like pattern on the wall and shadows reminiscent of childhood memories, the space thus created representing in Deleuzian terms more a time-image than a movement-image.

The menu is composed of bread buns with butter, watermelon, meatballs, pickles and chocolate, among others. These are just small reminders of what it feels like to be alive and enjoying every bit(e). The choice between Fruity Cremoso, Cremoso Straciatella and plain Cremoso yoghurt - a reminder of what it's like to be free, free to choose. When buni saw this film, she said she looked ugly in it, but we all disagree. She was beautiful. 

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