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Rethinking genres

20 November 2011

Saturday afternoon in Mustpeada Maja the NEU NOW audience was invited to listen to Trio Claviola’s The Bridge of Music and Maartje Meijer’s The Way You Write Your Fugue. The classical atmosphere of Mustpeada Maja set a wonderful backdrop for two very different performances that provided insights into the current developments in jazz and classical music.

Trio Claviola, a Lithuanian ensemble of musicians (violin, clarinet and piano), has created quite a reputation for itself, winning national and international awards, playing all over Europe. The selection of works that were performed both highlighted the classics, starting off with a rendition of Mozart, contrasting with the more contemporary pieces that challenge the listener. They have created an unusual repetoire for themselves, and the combination of string, wind and piano complements the different traditions of Western European music. It is chamber music at its best.

After the intermission, Maartje Meijer, a pianist, vocalist and composer, presented together with her musical collaborators a  selection of works that show a different perspective on the general roles of the bass player, the singer, the pianist and the drummer. In her vision, the melody is leading and the harmonies are a result of the individual melodies that every musician plays. She is inspired by both jazz and classical music, as Maartje studied polyphonic writing, particularly Sebastian Bach, very closely. In this context, the singer is not per se the front(wo)man of the band, and the bass player does not just play the bass: it is democratic way of making music, a way in which the vocals, the bass, the rythm and the piano are equal.

Today, November 20th at 7 pm, you can listen to Maartje Meijer and her band  performing again in Mustpeada Maja.

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