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Meet Miss Betsy and Epstein

17 November 2011

Listen to the echo of  Miss Betsy's tap dance in Kullo or go to Kinomaja to ge to know Epstein better during the next screening, as you immerse into the NEU NOW Festival LIVE. 

Audience participation is always most interesting and personal when done in a theatrical setting.The Burdens of Miss Betsy, a performance by artist Rebecca Helen Pagte, shows how interacting with a human being just cannot be compared to interacting with representations. I've always wondered whether emotions that are experienced during a performance are any different from emotions experienced in "real" life.

What is the difference between the sorrow felt for an imaginary character and that for a real person? How is this limit blurred if the character starts to interact with You? Does our brain make a character real when he or she suddenly starts interacting with us? Luckily you have the chance to find out during the LIVE festival in the Kullo gallery.
An altogether different type of participation is bringing a deceased artist back to life to explain how one of his most famous works came to be, and how it later got mutilated, as is the case with the sculptor Jacob Epstein in Occidental Totems by Sebastian Berthier. I've always enjoyed immersion, don't miss this chance to experience it yourselves.

Uku Talmar

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