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Limerick School of Art & Design (IRL) seeks Head of Department

16 June 2020

ELIA member Limerick School of Art and Design, LIT has an available positions and is seeking for a strong candidate to join the team as Head of Department (SLII) - Limerick School of Art and Design.

About LIT

The Limerick School of Art and Design currently has over 1,250 full-time students and provides programmes at Level 6, Level 7, Level 8 Honours Degree, Level 9 Masters Degree taught and research and Level 10 PhD. These programmes include Ba’s in Fine Art - Painting, Print, Sculpture and Photography Film Video, Design - Animation, Ceramics, Graphics, Fashion and Textiles. BScs in Digital Animation Production, Game Art, Creative Media, Creative Broadcast, Music Technology. PME in Art Education and MAs in Design and Social Practice.

The Limerick School of Art and Design established in 1852 has a strong national and international reputation. As well as a strong academic tradition and growing research numbers in recent years our focus has grown to encompass enterprise and development. This includes leading and partnering in European projects and other transnational collaborations. The school is primed for future development as LIT/AIT form part of an IOT consortium preparing to become a Technology University. As an LIT school we are committed to an educational philosophy of active learning, widening participation by non-traditional learners, programme development and growth where there is recognised potential. Collaboration in the regional cluster of HEIs, developing more post-graduate pathways, continued engagement with enterprise and community, and a focus on building our international profile.

Heads of Department are key members of the academic management and make a critical contribution to the growth and evolution of the Institute. Therefore, they face an exciting, challenging and demanding role in ensuring that the Institute meets the requirements of its students and the wider community. This new Head of Department position is offered based on LSAD’s strong growth of students and range of programme offerings over recent years. Together with ambitions for future development as a leading European School of Art and Design based in the west of Ireland.

In addition to the academic qualifications specified below it is expected that candidates would be able to demonstrate their highly developed organisational, communications and interpersonal skills as well as the ability, vision and leadership needed to develop, manage and maintain the Department and engage with and support regional social/industry/educational groups.

The role

The appointee will report to the Dean and will be a full member of the School Management Team.

The appointee will be responsible through the Dean of School to the President for the efficient and effective management and control of the assigned Department, and for its development in accordance with Institute policy and plans.

The appointee will lead, direct and manage the academic programmes at Department level including teaching, research, programme development and design, academic assessment and academic administration.

The appointee will act as advisor and leader in quality assurance issues and will implement agreed quality assurance procedures and other procedures including progression, complaints processing, grievance and disciplinary, etc.

The appointee will work with the Dean and develop, agree, implement and manage School and Department policy.

The appointee will support collaboration with other HEI’s and regional industry through active participation in relevant cluster groups. The appointee will carry out such duties as are assigned by the President/Dean of School as appropriate including but not limited to:
  • Developing a rolling strategic and operational plan for the Department consistent with School and Institute objectives and ensuring the staff are continuously advised on plans, policy and other necessary matters.
  • Providing overall management and administration of the Department, including managing the Department budget and maintaining appropriate records and making available information as required by senior management  
  • Playing a leading role in the development, implementation and maintenance of academic quality assurance arrangements  
  • Providing academic leadership and scholarship on existing and new programmes, apprenticeship programmes, programme development and in programme coordination  
  • Directing and supervising the work of members of staff of the Department, including evaluating staff performance and acting in an advisory capacity and as a professional support in academic matters to colleagues  
  • Advising on and participating in recruiting suitably qualified staff and managing in consultation with the Dean of School and other relevant members of Institute management the development and implementation of a staff development programme for the Department 
  • Participating in appropriate activities, including external activities, necessary to the development and promotion of the Department, School and the Institute; advising on and participating in the promotion and marketing of the Department, School and Institute, its research, and its courses including the preparation of marketing literature and brochures and advising on student intake  
  • Teaching classes for up to 105 hours per annum and carrying out assessment, monitoring and evaluation of examination work and providing an academic and consultative support to students in their learning activities; directing and supervising the work of Tutor/Demonstrators and taking academic responsibility for the academic standards of this work  
  • Working with the central management team [e.g. Vice President Academic Affairs and Registrar, Vice President Research, Development & Innovation, Vice President Corporate Services and Capital Development and other Deans of School/Faculty and Heads of Department as required and participating in committees as required from time to time  
  • Engaging with regional partners as appropriate for the development, delivery and review of programmes  
  • Liaising with awarding and regulatory bodies, trade and professional organizations, government agencies etc. as required  
  • Advising on equipment and physical requirements
  • Participating in committees and meetings as required
  • Carrying out such other appropriate duties as may be assigned by the Dean of School from time to time.
The appointee will carry out the lawful instructions of the President and comply with the requirements and regulations of the Minister for Education and Skills.

The performance of this work will require regular attendance at the Institute in addition to class contact hours during the normal working week.

The candidate’s profile

The successful candidate must have:
  • A relevant Degree (level 8) with First or Second Class Honours of a recognised Third Level Institution or of another recognised Degree Awarding Body; or equivalent professional qualification and
  • Not Less than 5 years of satisfactory relevant and acceptable post qualification experience in a relevant sector/industry setting.

And preferably:
  • An appropriate post-graduate qualification preferably at MA, PhD level or equivalent.
  • Specialist knowledge within one or more of the areas of Art, Art Education, Design,· Media and Creative Technologies.  
  • Experience in strategic goal setting and implementation planning.
  • Demonstrable leadership and motivational skills in a relevant sectoral setting.
  • Engagement with innovation within Art and Design Education or the Creative Industries.
  • Experience and participation within the cultural or creative industries.
  • Experience of managing people and projects 
For more information and to apply, please visit the website.

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