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Disney versus Nature

17 November 2011

When going to the Kullo Gallery, make sure you have a close look at The solar followed by the lunar followed by the solar followed by the lunar, a sculpture by Ann Kristin Einarsen. It may be a small object, but in its sculptural silence it has much to say.

 Several aspects of the two animals are juxtaposed, the real versus the representation or fiction, the furry versus the smooth, the cute versus the repugnant. The porcelain itself, its visual and tactile qualities suggest a petrified resistance, and is opposed to the small squirrel whose death reminds of the processes of degradation inherent in nature.

The porcelain rabbit looks like the 3D version of Thumper, the fictional rabbit character from Disney's Bambi. In this context, it seems to be jesting with our tendency of ascribing human emotions to animals, our preference to see them as cute, hug-able and innocent, whereas this dead baby squirrel has been thrown off a tree and killed by its own mother. The sculpture seems to sound a warning bell: why are our thoughts inhabiting places closer to the woods of Disney animations rather than  real woods? 

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