Yoko Ono to Speak at 12th ELIA Biennial Conference: Art, Science and Society 02 July 2012

Hosted by the University of Applied Arts (Die Angewandte), The 12th ELIA Biennial will take place on 8-10 November 2012 in the MuseumsQuartier Wien, one of the world's largest complexes for modern art and culture, situated in the very center of the city.

This year Yoko Ono will be joining a number of other luminaries including Matthias Horx, Ute Meta Bauer,  and Shady El Noshokaty as well as a number of up-and-coming artists and cultural players.

For full details visit the ELIA Biennial homepage. Read more »

Efva Lilja Releases Two New Books on Dance 27 July 2012

ELIA Board and Team Culture 2012 Task Force Member Efva Lilja has released two new books:
Do You Get What I'm Not Saying? On Dance as a Subversive Declaration of Love and 100 Exercises for a Choreographer and Other Survivors.

For more information on the bilingual Swedish/English books, now available on both Efva Lilja's website and Ellerströms, click below. Read more »

Spring and Hope – on an abducted revolution 15 July 2012

SPRING and HOPE = BAHAR and OMID is political theatre. Although the introduction shows fragments of video footage of demontrations around the world in 2011, the focus is set on Iran. Whatever happened to the people who took to the streets during the Green Revolution of 2009? Read more »

NEU NOW Banners Flying High in Porto 13 July 2012

NEU NOW LIVE 2012 kicked off Thursday in the Galeria do Palacio with festival artists giving a short introduction to their works, varying from photography and design to fashion and artistic installation. Click below to experience the works in their new home. Read more »

NEU NOW LIVE 2012 Prepare to Kick Off! 09 July 2012

As Monday flies by, Porto is buzzing with the final preparations for NEU NOW Festival LIVE 2012.

ELIA Project Assistant Adina Ochea is on site with all the latest information on the Porto prep.

Click below to read the first of many blog posts to come from the festival and take a closer look at the programme! Read more »

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