The NEU NOW artists - on the threshold of their professional careers 18 November 2011

The festival is hosting a symposium on entrepreneurship today, which all the artists are welcome to attend. Young entrepreneurs in the arts have come from all over Europe to discuss  their approach at entering the professional art world.  Read more »

Disney versus Nature 17 November 2011

When going to the Kullo Gallery, make sure you have a close look at The solar followed by the lunar followed by the solar followed by the lunar, a sculpture by Ann Kristin Einarsen. It may be a small object, but in its sculptural silence it has much to say. Read more »

Meet Miss Betsy and Epstein 17 November 2011

Listen to the echo of  Miss Betsy's tap dance in Kullo or go to Kinomaja to ge to know Epstein better during the next screening, as you immerse into the NEU NOW Festival LIVE.  Read more »

The Festival is opened 17 November 2011

If you're in Tallinn, make sure you have a look at the NEU NOW LIVE works in Kullo, the Design- and Architecture Gallery and Kanuti Guild Hall. The galleries are open until 7 pm this evening. Read more »

NEU NOW LIVE is nearly ready to hit Tallinn! 15 November 2011

Two days to go to the LIVE Festival, and a special energy is in the air: most artists have arrived to Estonia today, and have finally met the ELIA organizers, artistic directors and each other face to face. Read more »

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