Pass through the Window. Pass through the Wall 19 November 2011

Few words can describe the feelings the audience experienced while watching Sarah Armstrong and Richard Moizier's performance, Integrated, in the Design- and Architecture Gallery. Their intensity was striking, while their bodies struggled, trying to pass through a black wall and then through the transparent but rough surface of the glass. 

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Function enters Form – Design at its best 19 November 2011

In one of the corners of the Kullo Gallery maze, you can find Zorko Huljic's work, Function Enters Form. It is a design project that literally comes with an instruction manual. In this case the manual is a vital part of the artwork that accompanies it, as it places the focus on well known, every-day objects that derive new meanings by being presented in a new light.  Read more »

NEU NOW on the evening news of Estonian National TV 18 November 2011

Have a look at NEU NOW on the Estonian National Television evening news! The broadcast is in Estonian, with fragments in English of the nterview with Anthony Dean, the Artistic Director of the festival. 

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How anthroposophy is like communism 18 November 2011

 If you've seen Ready for Love or Seven Fragments of Identity, Nadia Tzulukidze's performance, then you know. Antroposophy is just like communism, and Rudolf Steiner is just like Lenin. Read more »

Schrödinger's cat, a performance against the gallery window and much more 18 November 2011

Until Sunday the Design- and Architecture Gallery in Tallinn is displaying some of the NEU NOW Festival LIVE projects.  Read more »

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